Coating & Painting Trials

The Applications Center includes a laboratory and technology plant. The activities are aimed to develop the best process solutions, research pushes the technical envelope to continuously redefine the state of the art. Sprimag remains a market leader because of our vast experience with coating trials on metal and plastic parts.

Coating Trials

Trials utilize the actual process steps for each customer’s requirements. In this way the process is extensively tested and the customer can learn how their system will ultimately operate and what to expect for their parts.

Development of Application Systems

The Sprimag Applications Center allows the optimum spraying technique to be developed by utilizing atomizing air spray guns, centrifugal guns, machine flow guns, nozzles and many styles of needles.  Many of these patented methods have been developed by Sprimag engineers for decades.

Paint Trials

The Applications Center is maintained partly to improve coating processes. Along with paint manufacturer partners we are the first to develop experience with new paint products. An example is a new coating for brake discs with salt and anti-corrosion protection. Sprimag often uses its extensive experience to develop processes for first time applications.

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