Internal Coating and Testing

Many of the objects that we use every day have an internal coating, whether they are products from the automotive industry, the cosmetics industry or the food industry, to name a few. The reasons for applying an internal coating are as diverse as the range of industries and fields of application. The Sprimag testing machines complement the product portfolio and score with precise test results.

The internal coating of parts is becoming increasingly important in a wide range of industries, whether used as an insulating layer between the substrate and fluid as in beverage cans or purely for design reasons. Internal coatings can be used on glass bodies, for instance, to achieve a refined 3D effect on perfume bottles, while the use of anti-friction coatings, such as on bearing shells, represents another kind of internal coating.

Different Approaches to Identical Tasks

The Sprimag product portfolio is ideally equipped to meet the internal coating requirements of a wide range of workpieces. Different spray processes can be employed depending on the coating requirement and the geometry of the part being coated:

  • Centrifugal gun for highly viscose materials and a coating with sharp edges
  • Extension with varying spraying angles for complex geometries
  • Rotating extension for non-rotating parts (e.g. engine connecting rod)

Precise results due to Sprimag technology

In addition to the diverse coating processes, Sprimag also relies on various testing methods. The Sprimag testing machines for aerosol cans and aluminum tubes are an ideal complement to the internal coating systems. Whether with a high-resolution camera system for inspecting aerosol cans or based on compressed air for leak detection, the machines can be optimally integrated into almost every system concept.

Coating machines and application areas for internal coating

Internal Coating of Glass Parts

Internal Coating Machines

Round Table Coating Machine

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