Anti-friction Coating

Anti-friction coatings are used in a wide range of technical areas, whether for small parts in precision engineering, in electrical engineering or in the automotive industry. With a range of flexible system concepts for anti-friction coating, Sprimag is ideally equipped to meet your specific requirements.

Unlike with metallization, for example, anti-friction coatings serve a purely functional purpose. On gear parts, pistons and bearing shells, for instance, anti-friction coatings both prevent wear and optimize friction behavior. Anti-friction coatings offer a number of advantages compared to oil and grease lubricants: Only a single, one-off application of an anti-friction layer is required to separate contact surfaces, and the dry, clean lubricating film provided by the anti-friction coatings eliminates unwanted and troublesome impurities.

Individual Coating Concepts for your Anti-friction Coatings

When applying anti-friction coatings to pistons, Sprimag always uses the screen printing method. This method allows the pistons to be given a coating with sharp edges at a constant thickness. In contrast to previously used spraying processes, silk-screen printing causes negligible discoloration. It involves using a squeegee to press a highly viscous coating agent through a screen, which rolls over the circumference of the piston, transferring the coating paste onto the piston following the contour of the screen.

When applying anti-friction coatings to bearing shells, the compact Sprimag automatic round-table coating machine is often used. This machine can be adapted to specific customer requirements. Different cycle operations, the coating of rotating parts, and the coating of stationary parts with a rotating extension – and even both options if required – are possible.


Coating Machines and Application Areas for Anti-friction Coating

Round Table Coating Machine

Chain on Edge Coating Machine

Coating Pistons

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