Drying Technologies for your Coating System

Depending on the paint used and the characteristics of the component, different drying processes are used. Years of experience enable us to find the right drying process for the individual needs of our customers, which perfectly matches the overall process and guarantees the best coating results. Sprimag is continuously looking for alternative, environmentally friendly and economical solutions. We offer the following drying processes in combination with our coating systems:

Drying with Circulating Air

  • Very consistent curing temperature due to innovative air guidance methods
  • Low energy consumption through optimum insulation
  • Temperature ranges from ambient up to 250 °C
  • Special version up to 350 °C

Drying with Infrared

  • Brings heat directly where required
  • Ambient air is not heated which saves energy
  • Gas or electrically heated
  • For preheating, forced evaporation, drying
  • Near-Infrared

Drying with Induction

  • Quick, clean and economical
  • Very exact control of time and temperature
  • Linear or profile inductors available to match part shape
  • Very high temperature achieved in a short time
  • Requires minimal space


Drying with UV

  • Full curing in a matter of seconds by UV radiation
  • Number of lamps depending on output, paint, geometry
  • Spectra of emission adjusted to type of paint
  • Safety stand by circuit, lockable systems

Cooling Zone

  • Rapid cooling down of the parts after drying
  • Cooling air intake from the outside or recirculating air system with heat exchanger

Drying technology for UV-curing systems

In contrast to conventional coating systems, UV coating involves extremely short curing times, so that nothing stands in the way of further processing the workpieces directly after UV drying. Another key factor for UV coating is the compact and extremely space-saving plant size. The number of UV lamps depends on the flow rate, the type of lacquer and the geometry of the workpieces. UV paint is characterized by its high scratch resistance and gloss level, so that it is often used for automotive interior coating, for example. At the same time, UV dryers are particularly environmentally friendly, as they consume significantly less energy than other drying processes. Sprimag uses both Monocure and Dualcure systems.

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