CIM-12: Camera-based end-of-line inspection for monobloc aerosol cans

Thanks to three independent camera systems, the new camera-based inspection machine CIM-12 inspects the entire can body as well as the neck area after the deformation process of the necking machine from above and also the print on the lateral surface. After testing the cans are being transferred to the packaging area.


  • Flexible machine concept for integration into the outfeed conveyor belt or as a stand-alone option between necking machine and packaging area
  • Combined solution LRP-30C: in combination with the LRP leak detection machine
  • Extremely compact footprint
  • Solid mechanical-based drive concept (central gearbox + main drive) 
  • Three quality aspects considered in one compact inspection unit (by TEMA Vision): 
  1. Curl and shoulder incl. print
  2. Shape / lateral surface
  3. Print on lateral surface
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Technical Data

  • Product range: Aerosol cans
  • Standard diameter: Lmin 22 mm, Lmax 66 mm
  • Trimmed can height: 300 mm
  • Production speed: 250 cpm

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