Flexible packaging systems for monobloc aerosol cans

As the final stage in the production process of aerosol can production after the can end inspection, the fully automatic packing system provides optimum palletizing or bundling of the cans – fast, efficient and reliable. To meet any requirements, the Packaging System is available in several versions and can either be used for bundles or full layers in various sizes and formats.


Fully Automatic Packaging

For correct positioning of the aerosol cans onto the collection conveyor table, all Packaging Systems are equipped with FANUC robots. The robot arranges the cans in bundles or full layers. In the final step the bundles are being packed in a transport-safe manner with a bundling and strapping unit and fed manually to the pallet. The Packaging System with palletizing unit is additionally equipped with a large FANUC robot with multifunctional vacuum gripper plate, which transfers the full layers onto the pallet position. The robot furthermore provides the pick-and-place of the cardboards, trays and can also transfer the cardboards into an optional tray forming unit.

  • Can positioning and conveyor feeding unit
  • FANUC grouping robot R-2000iC
  • FANUC transfer robot M-20iB
  • Schmalz gripper unit
  • Grouping table
  • MOSCA grouping and strapping unit with 
  •  gantry guide
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Technical Data

  • Product range: Aerosol cans
  • Standard diameter: Lmin 22 mm, Lmax 66 mm
  • Trimmed can height: 300 mm
  • Production speed: 250 cpm


  • Automatic pallet dispenser 
  • Cardboard and covering board unit
  • Pallet transfer conveyors  and pallet turntables
  • Vertical pallet strapping unit
  • Robopac Helix stretch wrapping unit
  • Robot labelling unit

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